Stop The Clock Game Changers

Seriously good skin care treatments to take your results to the next level.
Choose from one of our blissful spa body treatments below:

Microderm Me

Gently does it as we carefully polish away surface dull and vacuum away grime to reveal a brighter skin.



 Course of 3 prepaid




 Course of 3 prepaid


Face and Décolletté


 Course of 3 prepaid














Face and Décolletté





Light Me Up

Pain-free non-invasive light therapy uses medically proven light frequencies to help rebuild collagen, soften fine lives and rejuvenate. Clinically proven to reverse the signs of aging – who doesn’t love that?

Add on to facial


With Peel/Microderm:55 min


3 Light Treatments


3 Microderm/3 Light Treatments


3 Lactic Peel/3 Light Treatments


8 Light Treatments



Peel Away Dull

Don’t you worry which one – chemical/glycolic/lactic – we have them all and will carefully select the right peel for you to remove the dull surface layer and let your dewy skin glow.

Infuse Me With Vitamins

We get your skin ready to go and absorb goodness with a gentle exfoliation then a vitamin enriched ampoule is infused using technology magic to aid penetration for maximum results.
$129 or combine with Microderm, Facial or Peel for $59

I Need Oxygen

This celebrity treatment uses oxygen to infuse the skin with a cocktail of the very best ingredients for either rejuvenation, skin clarity, brightening or line softening. Loved by Madonna, but can be enjoyed by all.
from $99 ** Selected spas only

Power Combo

Bring it on with this combo to deal with many skin concerns bringing you the best rolled into one. A Microderm Me exfoliates and smoothes, an Infuse Me With Vitamins penetrates the skincare goodies into your skin and a Light Me Up therapy stimulates collagen production. A wow-kapow facial.