Spa Journey

Linger longer at the spa with body treatments to shed your stress and let your skin glow.
Choose from one of our blissful spa body treatments below:

Soak Me In Aqua

As you slip into the scented water, your stress starts to melt away. The healing properties of water make it the ideal way to unwind and begin a treatment. So slow down, relax and release your muscles ready for the next stage of your spa journey.
$55 ** Available selected spas

Polish Me Liscious

Seasonal body scrubs polish the skin, removing dull dead cells while stimulating lymph and blood circulation for a wellbeing boost. Natural fragrances such as Coconut, Lime, Lemon and Ylang Ylang leave you polished and feeling like you’ve had a tropical holiday.

Cocoon Me

The ultimate nurturing treatment for your body and rebalancing treatment for your wellbeing. An invigorating dry body brushing stimulates circulation, then a Polish Me Liscious scrub softens and smooths your skin. We then apply a body mask selected for your needs and you are snugly wrapped to allow the product to do its thing, leaving your skin smooth and your spirits lifted. While your mask is on, you can choose to add-on a Refresh Me Facial for $59..


Our popular back facial gives you a fresh start for a clear, smooth skin and helps to deal with breakouts and skin problems.